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Episode 5: The Force is My Ally

In this week’s podcast, we dive back into Star Wars Universe to look at several quotes from Yoda. As it often happens in our faith journey, mentors come and go. We see this happen in The Empire Strikes Back; where at the bidding of Obi Wan, Luke ventures to Dagobah to seek instruction from Jedi Master Yoda. Yoda offers up three key pieces of wisdom that have parallels to our faith: “Do or do not, there is no try”, “That is why you fail”, and “The force is my ally, and a powerful ally it is”1.

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Episode 1: Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons

In the first podcast, we take a brief look at Star Wars. This will be a topic that we will return to frequently as it is one of our favorite series. We also setup a couple of key ideas that we’ll return to often in the future movies, comics, shows and stories we examine.

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